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Policing and Young Adults
May 05, 2004 23:44 ETBack | Print Article
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I am a 24 year old female and I would just like to make a note, not a complaint, on the approach some of the Durham Region Police officers are using towards young adults.

Last week the police were in my area searching for someone. I was walking by with a girlfriend and was addressed by a group of officers hollering at us "girls....". In a rude, condescending voice. The officers then came over and starting asking my friend and myself if I knew the person they were looking for. Then they began to accuse me of lying, that I did know this person and their whereabouts, they claimed someone had seen me talking to him.

In fact, I did not know this person, and if I did I certainly would not volunteer any information to the police after they way I felt I was treated. Why would I want to assist anyone after being treated like a child?

Often a lot of young adults, especially in small communities, can offer the police assistance. Many of the young adults where I am from were born and raised here, and know many people in the community, especially other young adults. If the police were to use a more tactful, respectful approach, I am sure they would a difference in the information they are provided by citizens.