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re:police and young adults
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In response to the previous comment about how Police deal with young people. On numerous occasions I have seen the Police deal with young people and from what I have seen the Police are professional. Police Officers, especially now a days, have a avery difficult job. The streets are dangerous and they never know who they are speaking to. I think a lot of people forget the fact that the Police are here because they WANT to protect US! Also another thing to remember is that WE (the public) do not always know what call OR BAD guy the Police are after. So lets stop being critical and start being HELPFUL!

I am a Young person and I have been stopped numerous times when walking home from my night shift in Oshawa. And every time this happens I am GLAD to see Officers on the street and checking out who is out there, by doing this they may save my life or get a real bad person out of our community.