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Re: Whitby drug problems
Nov 01, 2005 14:12 ETBack | Print Article
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I am a Henry High student, and I went to the bathroom one day and cought 2 kids dealing drugs to eachother. They all brag about how they get high so much, and that they get great weed ect.. Also, walking to school my friend and I passed these 2 kids smoking weed, when we passed them they both blew smoke right into me and my friends faces....... there really wasn't anything we could do except hold our breath while going through it. There are these kids that have a locker beside me, and I know for a fact that they do drugs, him and his friends are always around the locker passing stuff round. Another thing, this kid in one of my classes, he is a drug dealer, growing his own plants. Something needs to be done about this...... its getting out of hand and it doesn't seem like anything is being done to stop it.

Thank you for taking the time to send in your concerns. I have forwarded your concern to Inspector Carroll of the Whitby Community Police Office.