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Durhamways School Bus Drivers
Nov 03, 2005 09:04 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:dorothy
When has it become mandatory for School bus drivers to become doctors, nurses, or for that matter, policeperson? It has come to my attention that a driver has been disiplined by the board ,because a mother of a sick child is going to SUE her, if she(driver) isn't taken off the run. All because this Mother neglected to inform the Board and driver of the Bus, that her daughter was prone to siezures.
This driver made all the right moves( in accordance to Board regulation)r to protect the child having the siezures.
These Bus driver have enough to contend with, without having to worry about who is having a siezure.
Now , for regaining control on the Bus, with unruly kids:
The first day of school, i would be telling them:
Good day children. This is my Bus, and with your cooperation I hope we will have a good year. Those of you who cannot listen to instuctions, or are loud and noisy will not be allowed on this My Bus. YOUR CHOICE.