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Re: Extendable Batons
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Just reviewing the comments concerning the carrying of extendable batons (ASP). It should be made very clear here that an extendable baton or ASP is a weapon, pure and simple. For those of you thinking of carrying one, you should really think twice.

The only purpose that an extendable baton has is that of a weapon. It's not made to crack walnuts, or to break windows. It is used by trained professionals as a force option, if such force as needed. Trained police officers are authorized to carry the ASP baton as a force option. Citizens are not. ANY person carrying any weapon such as a knife, baton, club, (whatever) for PROTECTION is commiting a criminal offence.

If you choose to possess such an item on your person, be prepared to accept the consequences if you choose to use it, whether it is for self defence or not. As soon as a person uses any type of ASP baton, club (whatever...) you will most likely face the criminal charges of assault with a weapon, weapons dangerous, etc....

As far as the comments about carrying a kubaton or dog repellant, think again. Carrying any weapon for protection is against the law. "Dog repellant" is basically pepper spray. It is not effective on dogs. Dogs do not have tear ducts. For those that know how pepper spray works, you understand the above.

Here is the link for the Criminal Code of Canada:

You can also look at the Supreme Court of Canada webpage to view the caselaw and educate yourself on the ramifications and dangers of carrying and using such things.

Good luck!