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Saftey Patrol Trip To Ottawa
May 29, 2004 16:21 ETBack | Print Article
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I have just got back from the annual trip to Ottawa, where we enjoyed a trip to the Science Center of Canada, The Magicaly Hip, a trip to the Rideau Shopping Center, and our own personal tour of the Parliment buildings by Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Grose. During our trip to the Parliment Buildings we were able to sit in the House of Commons, and lucky Miss Isabel was able to sit in the Prime Ministers chair. ( 11th from the end). Then sat in a room were the Justice Commitee makes laws and was able to get a wonderful lecture on the parliment and how it works. During the 3 days we were there we stayed in the Carelton University dorms which was a very interesting experiance.. where I learned you should bring and extra blanket to your dorm. For and overall wonderful experiance.. some parts (such as the several hour bus rides were not much fun) but it all worked out to be fun some how. I am glad I was able to attend the Jamboree and tell anyone with the oppertunity to go for it!