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illegal street racing
Jun 08, 2004 15:09 ETBack | Print Article
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There is one way to curb illegal street racing, without ruining the fun of it, indeed it is fun, but it can't go on, on the normal streets because there has been too much blood shed.

get an abandoned airport, perhaps at the former CFB downsview, or buttonville, and have paramedics, and fire. charge money, and donate it to charity. Heck even make arrangements to use a portion of the Oshawa airport, with all of the curfews that pilots must obey. And then the ones who still persist to race illegally, clamp down on them with an iron fist. It works on other parts of the country like Vancouver, and Montreal. there is even a track North of Toronto that charges $20 for as many runs that you want in the evening. But there could be a few more, closer to home, because alot of people do not want to drive that far.