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Enforcing Court Order
Jun 16, 2004 09:13 ETBack | Print Article
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My husband and I live in Ajax. His 7-year old son lives in Whitby with his mother. She has denied visitation for last 2-months. We do have a court order stating we are entitled to have the child for 4-days a month.

If we wish to police accompaniment to ensure that we do get the child for the weekend, do we have to book an appointment with the department first?...Do we call from her house when she denies us access again?....Should we have a median, if the police have to go alone to obtain the child and drop him off?....

We have been advised by her that we could have this weekend and we are planning to pickup on Saturday. So we would like to have protocol before.

Thank you in advance for your time and patience for answering our questions.

Editor's Note: The DRP suggests that you visit the community police office in Whitby that Saturday, prior to picking up your son. Bring a copy of the court order with you and ask to speak to the Sergeant on duty. Describe your situation over the past two months and ask that police be present at the home to ensure pick up. The Whitby Community Police Office is located at 480 Taunton Rd. East.