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Drugs on my street
Jul 11, 2004 18:12 ETBack | Print Article
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Too often I see cars and young guys pull up and park on my street. A few neighbours and I have seen the exchange of hands to which we know are drug dealings. A nearby park is a common ground for the exchange, as well as the curb across from the park (and my house). How do we get this activity off my street? Lately, the activity has become so blatant that I witnessed a few people smoking a joing and one guy actually rolled up a joint and gave it to another another guy in a parked car while I watched. On Friday I saw a young man make about 6 trips from a house up the street to parked cars on the curb across from my house, and the nearby park. I am frustrated! A neighbour of mine has called DRPS and I also contacted CrimeStoppers. Nothing has been done so far. Please help get these guys off my street.

Editor's Note: Since the street you are referring to isn't named, we have no way of following up on this problem. Please contact the Target Team of the Ajax-Pickering Community Police Office at 905-683-9100, ext. 2513 and provide them with details.