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Drug Dealing
Jul 15, 2004 15:53 ETBack | Print Article
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I live in Ajax...less then a mile away from the Pickering Police station at the corner of brock road and kingston road...our comunity backs onto Duffins Creek...we live on Annie Cressent...and a couple years back they put a trail system threw the forrest of Duffins Creek and my neighbours and I have seen an increasing number of parked cars on the street and young teenage men smoking what seems to be the smell of is a very disturbing smell...and our neighbourhood is filled with young children who have never been exposed to this and hopefully will not for a long time..before the trail system was built our comunity was crime there is a extremly increasin number of illigal activity going on...what should I do?

Editor's Note: Contact the police at 905-683-9100, ext. 2521and give details when this is occurring.