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PARKING CONCERNS (Gordon/ Victoria) Soccer Games!!!!
Jul 25, 2004 22:32 ETBack | Print Article
There have been ongoing problems with people parking on Gordon Street south of Victoria during soccer games. Basically all around the soccer fields.
No one seems to be obeying these posted signs and it is quiet apparant that it is a dangerous location to park. I understand that the town of Whitby has By-law officers but I cant seem to find their number anywhere.

Why is it that local police cannot ticket also. There are always several cars across the street during these games. In Toronto police have the power to write tickets and they are much more busier.

If no one enforces the cars parked illegally or on the boulevards, then the problem will not be resolved. Councillor McKinnon Town of Whitby is quite aware of this problem and it has become a problem for many local residents.

So: who enforces the parking in the Town of Whitby
How does anyone get a hold of them
Do they work beyond 5 o├žlock
Why dont local police issue parking tags

All it will take is a few tickets to be issued and the matter should resolve itself.

Thanks for your time.

Editor's Note: Police do have the authority to issue parking tickets, but are usually taken away from the task by higher priority calls for service.

Call the Whitby by-law office at 905-668-5803 to speak to an officer. They have one full-time and two part-time bylaw officers on staff. You can also contact our Traffic Safety Coordinator, PC Gord Fleming of the Whitby Community Police Office, at 905-579-1520, ext. 1813, to let him know your concerns about Gordon St. parking infractions.

(Note: Toronto has a higher ratio of officers to citizens than we do. Toronto PS have one officer for every 518 citizens; we have one officer for every 701 citizens, as per Statistics Canada's Police Resources in Canada, 2003 report.)