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Deer Killed
Aug 05, 2004 06:49 ETBack | Print Article
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Hi, Recently I was unfortunately on scene when a deer was struck by a car on Taunton Rd. near Sommerville. The deer was not dead and lay on the side of the road for quite some time until Police arrived. Once police arrived they moved the deer to the grassy area and shot him, several times. I know it must have been hard for the officer to have to do that, and I sympathize with him. But is there not a Animal Control office or something that can come get the deer (if they are still alive) and euthanize them, or something. It was just very hard to witness this, and on such a busy street, so many people were aroung. Also, I wondering, if you know what happened after that. I was too upset to stay. How the deer get removed? Does someone come and get him? Where do they go?

Editor's Note: Police have the option of calling the Ministry of Natural Resources or Animal Services to have a wounded animal put down, but this can mean a wait of 45 minutes to three hours. The Police Services Act gives officers the authority to kill an animal. If there is little chance of recovery, the officer may choose to stop the animal's suffering as soon as possible. We have a list of government agencies and private companies that the Service can utilize to take animals away. I don't know which company was used in this instance.