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modified vehicles
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I have a question for the DRP!!! Do you really find it nessesary to pull over every modified vehilce you see??? If i had a Honda civic that had modifacations done to it you would pull me over before you would pull over a 67 charger touring around!

What i want to know is WHY?

Why do you pull me over if i am minding my own business, not speeding, no loud music, etc

but for some aparent reason you find it nessesary to pull me over even though you know when you run my plate it comes up CLEAN.

One more thing while i am here:

Why is it if a younger person is speaking respectable to an officer why does the officer have the right to use a rude tone, or cuss language???? i ask this because i watched it happen the other night. It just seems to me that some of the younger officers belive they are above the law, and as soon as they get out of college they can just do what they want!

not trying to be rude but thats how i feel, and i know you are probably going to say if an officer is rude to get his name and badge number, well the person did that and nothing was done