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Modified Vehicles
Aug 19, 2004 14:10 ETBack | Print Article
Re; The last message posted about modified vehicles.
(Note: A short paragraph was deleted here by the Editor. )
Modified vehicles "stand out" from regular vehicles, and common sense dictates that people notice you more, including police. Society knows what it gets through media..."Fast and the Furious" ring a bell.
What is the practical application for your modifications, do you like they way they look, or are you trying to "fit in" to some elusive group. Most of the "added" lights and "modifications" are annoying to other drivers on the road, and pedestrians and home owners with the lovely added "sound". I thank the police for pulling you, and other "modified" vehicles over, incase you dont watch the news, think about the young people that have been killed recently by people racing "modified" vehicles.