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Sep 01, 2004 07:28 ETBack | Print Article
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Recently, many teenagers have been loitering in the forest behind my house, as well as the park adjacent to this forest. They drink, break beer bottles, smoke weed, light firecrackers and even try to knock squirrels off tree branches. Myself and others have phoned the police several times regarding this same group of teenagers. At what point does an Officer start handing out tickets/fines? Or maybe bring the child home to their parents so that they know what's going on? Seeing as this is ongoing and always the same people, one would expect that after a while, the tolerance level of the Police would go down. Being a teenager myself, it is extremely frustrating to see such people give others a bad name, destroy property, kill animals, disrupt the neighbourhood and STILL get away with it. Also, when contacting DRPS about this matter, should we be contacting someone else instead of just dialing 911? Thanks for your time.

Editor's Note: Contact Staff Sergeant Gord McKechnie of the Whitby Community Police Office at 905-579-1520, ext. 1811.