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Private parties
Sep 13, 2004 18:37 ETBack | Print Article
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I would like info on laws regarding noise and loitering on driveways and streets during private home parties. Recently we experienced a rowdy situation on our street. There was underage drinking, hanging outside talking loudly, yelling and screaming at each other and unbelievable swearing over the booming music from the house. Cars were coming and going as if it were a drop-in, one night until 2 a.m., the next night until 4 a.m. Ours has been a very quiet and considerate neighbourhood until recently.We have nothing against people wanting to party but when it overflows to the street and results in broken bottles shattered and not removed from the road it becomes a problem to be dealt with. This situation is very uncomfortable and feels invasive and very inconsiderate of others. What are our rights as homeowners who have pride of ownership and want a safe environment for our families?

Editor's Note: Residents affected by such disruptive activities should call police and/or the City by-law department to complain and seek to have the activities investigated. Police can enforce regulations and statutes in relation to breaches of the peace, criminal mischief (damage to or wilful interference with lawful use and enjoyment of private property) and causing disturbances, as well as liquor and trespass laws and regulations. Response will be in accordance with resource availability and other priorities, but these activities certainly fall within the realm of responsibility of police as well as by-law enforcement personnel.

Residents can also pursue personal lawsuits for torts of nuisance and trespass. These have nothing directly to do with police.