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Door to Door Canvassers
Oct 12, 2004 16:45 ETBack | Print Article
I'm wondering what should be done to stop kids from coming to my door asking for money... the major concern I have with this, is the last 2 that have come have come looking for money for events that happened a long time ago - ie tonight 2 girls around 10 or 12 came looking for Terry Fox pledges. I hate to call police on children, but at the same time fraud is fraud, and I hate to think that my neighbours not knowing any better give them money! Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

Editor's Note: We advise children not to go door to door, however if they do, they are to carry identification and a note or letter from the organization explaining the canvas. If someone comes to your door canvassing for money, ask them questions about the organization, get a phone number and call to verify the canvas. If after-hours, call the police administrative line at 905-579-1520 so that an officer can attend to speak to the youths. Generally, if someone is collecting and they cannot produce documents to show who they are collecting for, then the police need to be involved.