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Nov 18, 2004 13:26 ETBack | Print Article
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I was walking home from school today, and I saw this little girl, maybe last year of kindergarten or grade 1, and i was really upset because when i looked at her i couldn't beleive that her parents would let her walk home ALONE from school, is there anything that I can do as a civillian?

Editor's Note: You might want to voice your concern about this child to the local school. Many schools have a "walking bus" program in which parents take turns walking a group of young children to and from school to accommodate parents' schedules. Although schools are responsible for children leaving the grounds, there may have been a pre-arranged agreement with the parents to allow this child to walk home, similar to a parent allowing a youngster to walk to a friend's house down the street or to the corner store. If the child didn't have permission to leave the grounds alone, the school would want to be notified.