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Miniature bikes
Nov 20, 2004 09:14 ETBack | Print Article
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I live in the area of Adelaide and Hamony in Oshawa. REcently there have been a lot of highschool kids riding around on miniature mopeds that look alot like Yami's or other crotch rockets, no helmets, plates, and most of the time right on the sidewalk thinking that they own it. If you are confused, these things are sold at the pickering flea market, other places, and can be seen on most rap music videos. I have had alot of close calls, I was almost hit Thursday afternoon at about 3:15pm walking on adelaide. I know about the compulsary insurance act, about plates and all of that stuff. But what has to happen in order to have this problem addressed.? Does someone need to be hit?

Editor's Note: As you mentioned, these "motorized toys" are not toys at all but in fact, are motor vehicles as defined by the Highway Traffic Act. These vehicles must have the proper insurance, licence plates, helmets and licensed driver. The driver must abide by all the relevant traffic laws. If you observe a situation similar to the one you describe, record any information available and call in a complaint to our communications branch and it will be dealt with accordingly. The admin. number is 905-579-1520.