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Henry Street High School
Nov 23, 2004 13:25 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:Extremly Concerned Parents!Email:  
We are parents of a student at Henry Street H.S. and we are extremly concerned for our childs well being. They are always told that their school is suppossed to be one of the safest places for them, and I have talked to my daughter and she is very scared. What is going to be donw other than locking the front and back doors?? My idea is that either have police or hire security for the school, and possibly all schools! Also there is a elementary school just around the corner, what is going to be done there?

From DRPS and DDSB: DRPS works closely with schools to improve safety for all students and staff and continues to investigate and have increased police presence in the area. Henry Street HS took immediate steps to increase security that day and has implemented longer term measures including:

· Sharing the details of the incident with students, staff, parents and the school community including all area schools, daycares and the public library
· Extra support staff were assigned to the school enabling an increased supervision schedule
· Access to school has been restricted. All doors, other than the main entrance at front and back of the school will be locked from the outside (these doors can be opened from the inside)
· Installing video surveillance cameras around the school

The school continues to examine other safety measures such as identification tags or other options. If you have concerns or ideas on how to improve the safety in this building, we encourage you to contact the principal or DRPS.