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Personal Protection
Dec 07, 2004 19:09 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:GeorgeEmail:  
I would like to know what type of personal protection we are allowed to have, e.g. pepper spray (althought I thik its illegal for people that aren't cops) So what kind of stuff are we allowed to have?

Editor's Note: This is a difficult question to answer due to the fact that any object that is used as a weapon can become illegal. For example, a person carrying a baseball bat to a baseball game would not be committing an offence. That same bat could be considered an offensive weapon were the person shouting, intimidating and/or fighting another person.

For a number of reasons, police do not recommend that citizens use potential weapons for personal protection. Too often, the item (be it a jack-knife, sharp or heavy object, etc.) is quickly taken from the victim and used against him/her by the assailant.

A person's best form of protection is their eyes and ears. Always walk in public with your head up, notice what is taking place ahead of you and behind. If an area, situation or individual seems unsafe, stay away. For more information on personal safety, view our Safety Tips.

FYI - pepper spray is not legal in Canada.