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Illegal stuff (grey areas)
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Hero army surplus sells bb pistols, and bb assault type rifles which look identical to real firearms, and they have no indication that they are not real( orange tip, or orange body). I have extensive weapons training from the military, so I can pick them out, but many people cant, including some police officers. THe only way to sort them out is to see them up close and personal, and sometimes that cannot happen for a police officer so they would act accordingly, not that I blame them at all. I always thought it was illegal to posses an object that looked similar to a firearm in construction....Prohibited device if I am correct. If these items are illegal to possess, why is it that these items are still being sold? Doesn't "plain view doctrine" come into play if a police officer were to enter that store?

Pepper spray- This store refers to is as "dog spray," they feel that it is fine for them to sell it as such, and not "pepper spray." I have been told that it is illegal to carry, yet many women have this as a self defence item. If my wife were to use it on a person who was assaulting/mugging her, would that fact be taken into consideration by the Police? After all, she is not doing it to commit a criminal offence, she is using it it in self defence.

ASP style batons- this store also sells these items. The only pre-req is that the person has to be 18+, or a licenced security guard in the province.

Response from our Firearms Unit:
- BB pistols or assault type rifles that are sold at Heroes are not classified as firearms where you need a licence (PAL) to acquire them. Their velocity does not exceed 500 feet per second. If used in a crime such as robbery then there would be criminal charges.
- Dog spray or bear spray are not illegal to purchase if used for that purpose (bear hunting, for example). If the intent is for protection and used on a person then it becomes an offence.
- ASP batons are not prohibited weapons.