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Regarding: Ilegal stuff (grey area)
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I was reading the comments by anon and his questions about bb guns and pepper spray. I have a questions about pepper spray. Most women would be easily overpowered by a man who was trying to rape or kill them. It's hard to believe that if a man were to try to rape me and or kill me and I pepper sprayed him, I would be charged. Is there no consideration of the circumstances regarding use of pepper spray. If I thought my life is in danger, (and I know I am not physically strong, nor do I have martial arts training) could I not use anything in my power if I thought my life was in danger? What if someone attacked me while I was getting into my car, could I not grab my ice scraper to defend myself against someone who may be twice my size and a killer or rapist. It bothers me to know I could be charged for just trying to stay alive. Would I be charged if I managed to bite or scratch someone who was trying to hurt me or kill me, or do I just stand there and let them kill me, or rape me, or whatever so I don't get charged.

Note: Even though I'm not a strong woman, if someone did try to do me harm I would do everything in my power to defend myself, even if it means being charged as I don't want to end up in the morgue with a toe tag. I would like answers to my questions. I know it the U.S., citizens are allowed to protect their selves and property. Are Canadians allowed to legally protect themselfs at all?

Editor's Note: There's a big difference between using a ice scraper (for example) to defend yourself against an assailant and walking around threatening people with an ice scraper. It's a matter of common sense, with consideration given to circumstances.