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Garrard and Manning Rds Whitby
Jan 24, 2005 11:29 ETBack | Print Article
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I think that something needs to be done with concerns to this intersection, I live very close to here and every day people are running the stop signs here. I have almost been hit numerous times while crossing the road at the stop sign. Most of the time, even if the car does stop, it does not give the pedestrian a chance to even attempt to cross. It scares me because this area is primarily elderly and young children, and one day someone is going to be seriously hurt. All night all you hear is honking horns because of people running the stop, and almost hitting another car who is following the rules of the road. Just because it is late at night they think the rules do not apply.

Editor's Note: Please contact Cst. Fraser Wannop, Traffic Safety Coordinator for Whitby, at 905-579-1520, ext. 2521. I have forwarded your message to his attention.