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Robbery at Park and John, Oshawa
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I just have a question regarding the use the Police Helicopter, on Wednsday Jan 25 there was an apparent robbery at a convience store at the corner of Park and John. The police were on scene in masse as well as the K-9 unit and they proceeded on foot with the dog in an attempt to locate the "bad guy" however my question is why was the helicopter not used ? It would seem to me to far more efficient and very thorough even compared the trained dogs. Are there only certain conditions that it is used, is it strictly used in the evening when it advantages are even more apparent, or was it simply busy elsewhere?
The Durham helicopter was recently highlighted on an episode of "Daily Planet" (a current affairs science program) on the Discovery Channel and it appeared to be an essential almost manditory piece of equipment saving hours otherwise tedious searching and/or monitoring.
Thank You

Air1 can be very efficient at ground searches in most circumstances. DRP makes the call whether or not to use the helicopter for certain incidents. For the event you are referring to, our officers on the ground were not 'scrambled' - the K-9 officer was very effective in tracking a suspect.