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Dangerous Bus Stop
Feb 14, 2005 09:25 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:Mark S.Email:  
An eastbound bus stop exists at the corner of Adelaide Ave. and Harmony Rd. that poses a potential danger to motorists. The danger exists when the bus stops to pick up fares or to make a scheduled stop for minutes at a time. Motorists must decide whether to pass the bus on the left, thereby putting themselves and motorists in the westbound or left-turn lane at risk of a collision or remaining behind the stopped bus and putting themselves at risk of being involved in a collision. During peak hours, passing a stopped bus becomes an even greater hazard due to higher-volume traffic.

The next immediate eastbound bus stop is located approximately two hundred metres away, and would offer a safer alternative than blocking a lane of traffic so close to a high-volume intersection.

Is this an issue that DRPS can see to, or is this a matter that should be taken up with the Oshawa Transit Commission?

Please understand that this message is not meant to draw negative attention on Oshawa Transit; I believe the people at OTC perform a solid public service to our city. This message is meant strictly as a safety concern from someone who drives regularly in the area. Thank you for reading my message and please keep safe out there. God bless you all.

Insp. Dave Kimmerly of the Oshawa CPO has been notified of your concerns and will follow up.