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Mar 03, 2005 16:57 ETBack | Print Article
Law Enforcement Members;
I would just like you say that I heard about the incident on the news tonight regarding the 4 RCMP officers who were gundown during the act of performing their duties. I am a last year Police Foundations student at Centennial College and would just like to say to the Durham Regional Police Services members that and officers worldwide. As I do have a basic understanding of your job, I cannot relate or begin to start comprehending the amout of health (mental/physical) and emotional situations you men and women are put through. Its is the men and women of the Emergency Services nation and worldwide who basically keep this society in order. It is a tragic loss to Canada and the Emergency Services to have lost those 4 dedicated officers in that unforseen and disturbing incident in Alberta. Thank you to those potential, current and retired Police Services members, especially the Durham Regional Police Services.