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Re. Getting Pulled Over
Mar 12, 2005 20:35 ETBack | Print Article
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In response to Corey and Craig's message, Corey indicated that he was a young drive who is a safe driver, driving a Honda and is being pulled over several times. Also Craig's response to Corey that it may be because you are a young driver, the Officer's want to ensure your papers are in order. I am a young driver as well, in a brand new model car, I don't have the same problems, but I don't believe it is because you are a young driver and the Officer want's to ensure your papers are in order. I would suggest that the Officer's are ensuring the safety of the Community and that means enforcing the rules of the roads. Also, keep in mind, there may be some activity in the area that you just happen to be in, and again, Officer's duty is to ensure the safety of yourself and the community. If you feel you are being harassed, you can make a report to the Police Service and the Province.