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Assistance from a Police Officer
Apr 13, 2005 18:35 ETBack | Print Article
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 City/Town:  Province:Ontario
Twenty-five years ago we had to rush our infant son to Oshawa General because he was convulsing. We saw a police officer in his car at the end of our street and asked for assistance. He not only helped us by clearing the roads between our home and the hospital (with the help of other police units he contacted); when we got to the emergency entrance of the hospital he took our car keys and sent us straight into the hospital with our baby. He came in a little while later, gave us the keys and let us know where he had parked our car. It has been a long time, but we always remember his kindness and the “over-and-above the call of duty” help he gave us. We did not get his name, but wanted to thank all police officers for everything they do for us.