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RE: DRP Officer loses Job
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In regards to the officer who lost his/her job for one reason or another. I think this is an acceptable punishment. Police officers are entrusted with certain powers and authority by the people of this country and because of this trust should hold themselves to standards that are higher then the common public. I served in the armed forces and I take the oath to this country very seriously and have served with honour for the past 5 years. I have been to and returned home safely from Afghanistan and have faced enemy fire. It is my personal and humble opinion that if I can treat a person who just tried to kill me with professional courtesy and without abusing them then an officer serving in Canada should be able to control his or herself. We have seen soldiers jailed for abusing prisoners and going against the Geneva Conventions, why should a police officer be allowed to assault someone (guilty or not) and not face similar penalties. The DRPS is a better force if they can weed out those people who have issues controlling their temper or feel they must lash out physically on others. I am contemplating a career change into policing and I hope that my experiences seeing the worst man can do to man would make me an officer who will be deserving of the publics trust andprivledge to wear a law enforcement badge.