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fundraising revisited
Apr 27, 2005 22:46 ETBack | Print Article
Further to ryans question about the fundraiser, my wife was phoned during the day two days in a row to make arrangements for cheque pickup, so gave out our hone address.

We are donating, but there is no security in place like a call back, or cheque drop off instead of asking for home address.
Over the phone there is no way of verifying the caller.

We have now spent two hours checking to make sure that there really is a fundraiser.

There is, and it is a worthwhile cause, but not good to ask for address. safety issue for women at home.



Unfortunately, providing couriers to pick-up donations is one way to ensure receipt.

If you are uncomfortable with giving out your home address, you can either drop your cheque off at the nearest Community Police Centre or mail directly to the Police Association Office at 725 Conlin Rd., Whitby L1R 2W8.