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Crime changes family life
May 04, 2005 12:48 ETBack | Print Article
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The victim in the May 1 report "Robbery Suspects Sought in Oshawa" was my grandson. This incident has affected my family deeply. If the slash on his neck had been 1 mm deeper, he could have bled to death. The fact that the suspect "fled" immediately after the attack leads me to believe that in his agitated state, he didn't much care how deeply he slashed my grandson. Therefore, he didn't care if he murdered him. Now my grandson is in denial but needs PTSD counselling, as well as his mother and younger sister. My daughter had to leave work--lost wages. Her partner searches for the phantom car. My 11-year-old granddaughter, just recently given the freedom to walk to and from school alone, is once again being dropped off and picked up. I am no longer able to enjoy the short walk home from my workplace at night. We've been shattered by fear and anxiety.
Oshawa is my hometown. When we were young, we roamed around at night looking to meet other teens and have fun. Nobody worried about getting robbed, stabbed, slashed, shot-- or killed. When teens disagreed, they fought one-on-one. To have someone else join in was a sign of cowardice. What happened to my town? What are parents doing instead of teaching their kids some simple morals?
Here is a message for these thugs: Finish your education. No matter how illiterate you may think you are, there is help. Get a job. Hang out with decent people. Do something meaningful with your life. Is it really worth spending time in jail for a couple of bucks--or murder?