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Kyla Remembered
May 12, 2005 07:50 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:Eyes Of
 City/Town:  Province:Texas
I find it so strange I am so deeply affected by the passing of a girl I never even knew. To all the friends and family that loved Kyla, my heart goes out to you. The power of the Internet has made this world a much smaller place than it once was, and has allowed her story to reach far beyond the confines of the Durham region.

I can’t even begin to describe how tragic her story feels to me. It’s absolutely heart wrenching. But no matter how painful it is at times, don’t ever let the memory of Kyla and her story be forgotten. While her death has made us sad, don’t think of her as being gone. Think of her as living in a different way. She lives in your hearts and in your minds. Just as she is probably smiling down upon all of you, I hope that you smile back up at her.

I feel very privileged to have “met” Kyla’s Mother Sarah. And for allowing me to be a part of her life…I say “thank you”.

–your Eyes of Texas-