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Heavy Trucks Speeding is Out of Control
Dec 01, 2005 22:50 ETBack | Print Article
Hi there and thanks for taking the time to read this post. I feel it is very important to express the views of the many families on our Rural Road. We live in Enniskillen. It is a quaint little Hamlet just north up Enfield Rd and Durham Rd #3. This is in Clarington by the way but not too far from Oshawa.

Anyways, the concern is this...BIG TRUCKS....WAY TOO MANY OF THEM SPEEDING!...They speed like crazy. Just pulling out of my driveway safely is a major concern. I am not talking about pick-up trucks either. I am talking about big heavy duty dump trucks filled with gravel, stone, ashpalt and the like. They start running at 5:30am and run all day long on our road till sundown. I think they must get paid by the load becuase they are always in a major hurry. Most of these big trucks have trailers filled with stone. They drive so fast it is scary for us to think what will happen to a child, pet, wildlife and obviously pedestrians going for walks not to mention what one of these things could do to a car. I have seen tires and rims whobble, lights not working and pretty well everything under the sun. Please help our community here on Durham Rd #3 between Old Scugog Rd and Enfield Rd. It has to stop. Really it does. Who regulates the safe operation of these big death machines? Can the DPRS monitor the speed of these trucks and other vehicles. I do not have a radar gun...but I can tell you that I have sat out on my front yard and seen motorbikes, cars, trucks going past me at way over 100km an hour. This is a concern for us.

You soon as people get out of the city and out into the open roads of the country......their foot gets heavier and heavier by the mile. Please help.

Concerned Citizens of Enniskillen and surrounding area!

Thank you for sending in your concern. Your post has been forwarded to PC Keith Richards of the Clarington Community Police Office.