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Re: Response from Thomas Turner Re: Road Speed Humps
May 21, 2005 16:55 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:ChristeneEmail:  
Mr. Turner,

I find the entry submitted by Thomas Turner on the issue of Speed Humps to be offensive and down right disgusting. I too live on a busy street. Grandview Street South to be exact and I too have a problem with people flying down my street both day and night. The speed limit is 40km but people tend to drive 60 or more. I dont think this is an issue of me needing to watch my kids more or that I am pawning off the responsibility to the drivers to "watch out" for my children, I think that the drivers, have been giving a privilage to drive and thus should be following the rules of the road.. Is that too much to ask ?? Im sure some of these people would think differently if something was to happen to someone in their families due to the lack of consideration by a speeding driver. I give kudos to Colleen from Oshawa to look into this. They installed a stop sign about 1.5 years ago on the street halfway between Olive and Bloor, but it has not stopped the speeders. They just take off from the stop sign so by the time they hit the bridge, they are going 60 or more. So as stated above, I am not "PAWNING" off my responsibilities to the drivers so they shouldnt "PAWN" off their responsibilities to me.