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identity theft potential
May 27, 2005 10:21 ETBack | Print Article
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I was using my cordless phone to speak to my insurance plan about my benefits and I had to give them my SIN # as that is my member number as well as my birthdate. I was wondering if there was a high or low risk of a scanner picking up this info and then using it for identity theft. I usually use my landline for these calls but forgot. Has anyone else ever had their information stolen by using a cordless phone? Please answer as I am concerned.

Thank you

DRP has no definitive numbers regarding the percentage of identities stolen via a cordless phone; however, you are aware of the possibility and are on the right track as far as protecting yourself. Any calls where persons may have to give personal information should be made over a landline whenever possible. Cellular and cordless phones and wireless Internet routers are not secure for the transfer of sensitive information. With regard to the SIN issue, DRP's insurance plan recently stopped using SINs for the member number, which is a step in reducing the risk. SINs should only be used for employment or credit purposes. Citizens should express their concern when insurance companies or other businesses use their SIN for identification purposes.