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Loss of an Officer is felt everywhere
Jun 08, 2002 04:55 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:Mike GentryEmail:  
 City/Town:Los AngelesProvince:CALIF.
Having worked as a Police Officer for the City Of L.A. Airport Police Div. I have in my last 13 yrs seen time and time again the tragic, and unexpected loss of far too many men and women in "blue" . To the family, friends , and community, please take the time and remember ,not the tragedy of your Constable Ryans death, but the love, courage, dedication and service that this one man provided.Any officer,deputy,constable,marshal on patrol is a force multiplier in protecting the innocent as they sleep at night . Pray that he watches over us all and thank God for the blessings of his time when he was with you.From the U.S. to Canada , his loss is felt by his other "family in blue".....