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Traffic Stop Laws
Jun 05, 2005 19:06 ETBack | Print Article
I was just wondering my rights as a citizen. Being a young female, if I was driving alone and an Officer pulls up behind me signaling me to pull over, do I have the right to put my four ways on, signaling that I am aware of his request, and continue to drive to the nearest public area, like a coffee shop or gas station before I come to a stop? Would this apply to anyone alone?
Thank you

As per the law, you are required to pull immediately to the right hand side of the road and stop your vehicle when being approached by an emergency vehicle with its emergency equipment activated. If there is some concern that the vehicle that is attempting to pull you over or the parties inside are not police officers there are several options available to you.
1. Pull over to the side of the road but keep your doors and windows locked. Ask the approaching officer for identification. They will show proper identification (don't be overly concerned with the badge, look at the identification cards, this may also be worn around their necks).
2. If you still have concern, call 911 and receive confirmation from dispatch.
3. Contact dispatch and have a marked cruiser sent to your location.
4. When possible pull your vehicle over safely in a well-lit, public location.