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Radar on Columbus Road from #12 to Lakeridge Rd.
Jun 08, 2005 08:13 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:Mad MomEmail:  
I would really like to see more radar on Columbus Road. This road is a 50 km/hr zone with a solid line down the middle. Some people just don't know when to slow down and they don't know that passing is not allowed. When you have your children in your car and someone is passing you going uphill, not knowing what is coming, it is extremely dangerous, not to mention, stupid. You know who you are. Maybe these people should leave home 5 minutes earlier so they don't have to drive like idiots to get to where they're going. Every single morning and night, there is a car passing or tail gaiting.
In 5 years of driving this road every morning and evening, I've only seen one police car doing radar on this street. Will this be implemented soon ? Or is this just random radar ??

Your concern for traffic enforcement in this area has been sent to Cst. Wannop of the Whitby Community Police Office.