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High Risk Offenders
Jun 13, 2005 22:02 ETBack | Print Article
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I just had one quick question about the web sight in the "HIGH RISK OFFENDERS" section. Why is it that "HIGH RISK OFFENDERS" are not put on this page. I have been following the DRP website for some time now and i can not remember the last time this page was used for its purpose. This page shoud be put to good use and should not be empty, in fact there should be numerous people on this page that are a risk in the communities (ie sex offenders, drug dealers, gang members etc). I am aware that the "MEDIA RELEASE" section is utilised for wanted persons and missing people however it is a more organised way to notify the public of the "bad guys" out there and just another way that the DRP can help keep our communities safe as they continue to do.

DRP does not post high risk offenders unless they represent a significant risk to public safety and notification will reduce the risk. The Chief has the authority do this under sec. 41 of the Police Services Act.
The process is the high risk offender is reviewed by the High-Risk Offender Community Panel and the panel will then make recommendations for the Chief.
DRP has had one public notification with the last year.