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Boaters on Lake Scugog
Jun 14, 2005 11:17 ETBack | Print Article
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On lake scugog we see alot of boats that are driving dangerously, bass boats and seadoos mostly. They are driving too fast, too close to other boats and seadoos are getting too close to tubers. Can you please tell me what we can do when we see this happening before someone gets hurt, or worse.

Thank you

According to law, there is no restriction on speed so long as the marine craft is 100 feet from shore or a fixed point (i.e. dock, pier, bridge, swimming location, etc.). However, while in the 100 feet zone, operators must adhere to safe driving practices. Drivers may be charged with numerous offences including dangerous operation of a vehicle and careless driving.

If anyone observes dangerous behaviour contact DRPS at (905) 579-1520. You should try to obtain a description of the boat, people in the boat and, if possible, the serial number on the craft.
If you do observe any vehicles