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Jun 15, 2005 22:38 ETBack | Print Article
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I've spent a little time looking through all the different sections of this webpage. I've noticed the large amount of media releases there have been in the past few months. Oshawa and it's surrounding areas are full of crime. And The DRP are really doing a great job of keeping these situations under control. Being a police officer is NOT like it is in the movies. It's hard work, and I'm assuming it's long hours aswell.

I have recently been charged with.. a few things I will leave un mentioned. but I have the utmost respect for the officers. I hold no grudges, and I understand that what I have done is wrong. These are good men and women doing their jobs.. and now that I'm trying to make something of myself, I realize how important it is to have them around and have them keep our streets safe. Yes, I have done some very immature, immoral things.. and I should never have done them. I was raised much better than that,,, and I now have to live with the way my mother, father, and brother look at me.. their dissapointment.. I would just like to say that I appreciate the work that these men and women doing. You're doing a great job.

I would like to personally thank Detective Constable Ingram. He is a good man. He also helped me understand that there is life after you've been charged. Since the day I stepped out of his office, I have been working very hard to make something of myself. I am now gainfully employed, and working on my novels and such once again. Thank you for giving me a push in the right direction and helping me realize I have to make something of myself.

The charges were laid on me because of something I have done. I will accept the consequences for my actions. This whole situation has been... sobering, to say the least. Thanks again.. and keep up the good work.. all of you.