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Hello. I have an Ontario Outdoors Card which allows me to hunt. I've been told there is a highway in Durham which marks the boundary for where I may not discharge a firearm. What roads mark the no-discharge-of-firearms boundaries in Durham Region? Are air rifles, bows, and cross bows, and slingshots considered part of the definition of a "firearm" for the No Discharge zone? Can a person discharge a firearm on a private property within the zone provided they are far enough from another residence, or do the rules apply to both Crown and private land? Thank you.

The Ministry of Natural Resources set the Hunting Seasons but the local Municipalities set their own boundaries. The Ministry has hunting maps for each area of the Province that usually includes the local boundaries. What you are hunting, and what you are hunting with, determines where and when you can hunt. Therefore, you will need to contact both the local Municipality and the Ministry of Natural Resourses for clear direction.