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Re: Traffic Stop Laws
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In response to the response to the TRAFFIC LAWS STOP:

I don't know how valid this story is and if it is valid, a member of the police service should verify it's accuracy before it is placed on this website. There are many police vehicles that are marked and unmarked that have flashing red lights and do utilize them to stop motorists. Most unmarked cars however do not have sirens.

There are many other police services working/travelling in and through Durham Region. I'm quite certain that the DRPS communications branch has no way of knowing what services are operating or travelling in the area, let alone any specialty unit that may also be in the area from the DRPS. Any police officer in the province of Ontario can stop any motorist and issue a ticket, regardless of where the police officer works.

If a person fails to stop for police, the consequences for such actions can be quite severe. Public safety is of course the highest priority, but failing to stop for a police vehicle, believing for whatever reason that they are not the police, not only places you in danger, but also the public and the police.