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Police Discrimination
Jun 30, 2005 10:51 ETBack | Print Article
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There are tooo many problems with the durham police harrassing colour teens , Everytime I try to talk to the police departments they all say their doing their job. Well I had enough and Ive taken it to higher authorities and they will be dealing with the pickering police department and oshawa.

Thank you for your comments. Issues of diversity, which include cultural diversity are very important to our organization. Today, Chief Kevin McAlpine made an announcement to our members launching the Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) 2005-2010 Diversity Strategic Plan. The plan has three main components:

1. Recruiting, Selecting, Retaining and Promoting Diverse Talent.
2. Building Bridges Within the Community and
3. Developing Diversity Competence Within DRPS.

Our members and members of our community have identified the need for us to improve in all three of these areas. Developing Diversity Competence is all about training and preparing our members to deal with the diversity of our community with respect and confidence. This will be an integral part of our strategy.
As we move forward, completing our objectives will involve the DRPS working in consultation and partnership with the community, which includes our youth.
Our strategic plan will be announced to the community in the very near future.
Should you have any specific concerns or issues you wish to discuss please feel free to contact me.

Staff Sergeant Scott Burns
Professional Development and Diversity
905-579-1520 or 905-683-9100 Ext. 3341