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Dangerous Intersection
Jul 05, 2005 10:15 ETBack | Print Article
I live near the corner of Taunton Road and Townline Road and I'd like report that this intersection is very dangerous. Continuously vehicles are pushing their luck with yellow lights and running red lights at this intersection. I repeatedly hear the vehicles increasing their speed (gunning it) well before the light trying to beat it. This is not at all a pedestrian friendly intersection either, it's very nerve racking trying to cross the road at this intersection due to vehicle drivers feeling they have 100% of the right away.

I understand that road widening is supposed to take place in this area soon but I beg of you please do something in the mean time. I would gladly grant permission to have a "radar trap" setup in my driveway to assist. And I would gladly assist the DRPS with this intersection in anyway I could.

Please help!!

From: concerned resident

Your traffic concern has been sent to Inspector Dave Kimmerly of the Oshawa Community Police Office, Inspector Bill Temple of the Clarington Police Office and our Traffic Services Branch.