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Headlight & Taillight Covers
Jul 05, 2005 16:49 ETBack | Print Article
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Hi I am just wondering if there are any restrictions as to what drivers are able to apply to their cars in terms of headlight and taillight covers. If a certain tint like "Smoke" where the headlights and tailights appear to be blacked out are allowed. Or if anything is allowed just so long as the tint does not interfere with another drivers ability to see you or your headlight/tailights. Any input would be appreciated.

Covers are not allowed 1/2 hour before sunset to 1/2 hour after sunrise (basically the time period that headlights are required). Although they would be allowed during daylight hours as long as they don't reduce the brilliance of the brake lights under the standards. But none the less, it makes you wonder why anybody would want to reduce the brilliance of their brake lights to any degree in daylight or not, as you are risking your safety and the safety of those in your car when reducing the brilliance of your brake lights.

So for everybody that asks this question, from my 20 years of policing experience, I WOULD NOT recommend doing this. I have seen too many tragedies from people not seeing normal brake lights, let alone those with covers on them.