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neon lights
Jul 21, 2005 16:58 ETBack | Print Article
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i was wondering is it illegal or legal to have neon lights under your car or inside but does it have to be a certain colour?as long as it is not a distraction? i was just wondering if you could answer that for me it be great

Yes it is illegal to have certain colours of neon lights in and around your car. For example, one cannot have any red light visible to the front, whether it is emitting from the interior or exterior of the car. The same could be said for the a blue light, unless of course your vehicle is a snowplow, which to date I have not seen a snow plow with neon lights in or under the vehicle.

Green lights are also illegal as they are for volunteer fire fighters.
Any other lights on the interior that may cause a reflection, and in the officer's opinion obscure the interior, or cause the driver's visibility to be obscured, are also illegal.

White lights are illegal to the rear unless they are connected to the reverse gear. A car can only have four white lights to the front of which they have to meet Transport Canada and the HTA illumination standards, (neon lights don't cut it).