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Durham EMS
Jul 28, 2005 11:21 ETBack | Print Article
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Ok, I will rephrase from my last post that never got posted. Why does Durham Regional Police, in all of their media releases of anything to do with DURHAM EMS say that it is Oshawa Ambulance, or Durham Ambulance?!?!?!? Lets get this straight, it is DURHAM EMS, it has been DURHAM EMS for the past 5 years. PARAMEDICS, not ambulance drivers, have to go through a minimum of 2 years of school just to become a PCP(primary care Paramedic), and then more to become an ACP(Advanced Care Paramedic). After going through all of that education that they have to pay for, I think that they have the right to be called PARAMEDIC, with DURHAM EMS!

In the future, media stories will try to reflect the proper agencies.