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Aug 02, 2005 15:01 ETBack | Print Article
I was wondering what I can do to stop my 22 year old stepson from coming to my house. He has a history of stealing items when he is here which is why he no longer lives here. He has stolen $175.00 from his youngest brother and sister wich is why he was asked to leave or house (for the 3rd time). His primary reason for stealing is to feed his drug habit which includes crack, ecstasy, and pot. I have offered to send him to drug rehab but he refuses to go because, in his words "I like to get high and getting a job may interfere with that".
His mother agrees with me but she cannot bring herself to sever all ties with him. I believe this would be best but she does not agree
He come over to visit his 20 year old brother when we are not at home. Even his brother has been ripped off by him but continues to let him in. This is causing great grief with us and can no longer continue. I feel like a prisoner in my own home because I cannot go away without wondering what is going to be missing when I get back.
I am looking into other avenue's but would like to know what i can do from a legal standpoint. Can I legally stop him from coming here? If so, how?
Perhaps a night in jail would let him know how serious I consider this situation to be. I would greatly appreciate any legal advice you can give me.

The first step would be to have a peace bond issued. A peace bond can be issued by a Justice of the Peace. The office is located at 242 King St. E in Oshawa.